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The Incalculable: Thoughts on the Collapse of the Biosecurity Regime

  Lydia H. Liu It makes a world of difference where the novel coronavirus travels. For the first time, I feel as vulnerable as my eighty-eight-year old mother who is locked down in another part of the world. Neither she … Continue reading

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Groundhog Day and the Epoché

W. J. T. Mitchell I thought that, by seventy-eight, I had seen everything.  Every epidemic from polio to AIDS to SARS. Every war from Korea to Vietnam to Iraq and Afghanistan and the endless, stupid “War on Terror.” Every terrible … Continue reading


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Posts from the Pandemic

Since early March, Critical Inquiry has been publishing a series of short pieces about the global outbreak of the coronavirus. “Posts from the Pandemic” features critical writing by Lorraine Daston, Bruno Latour, Catherine Malabou, Slavoj Žižek, Achille Mbembe, N. Katherine Hayles … Continue reading


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Ground-Zero Empiricism

Lorraine Daston I am used to waking up in the seventeenth century. As a historian of early modern science, that’s where I spend a lot of time. But it is strange that everyone else is suddenly keeping me company there. … Continue reading


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