About Critical Inquiry

Critical Inquiry is an interdisciplinary quarterly that publishes leading writers, artists, and scholars in the humanities. Embracing the disciplines of literature, history, philosophy, religion, and the arts, CI is widely regarded as the “journal of record” in the study of culture and the human sciences. Founded in 1974 by Sheldon Sacks, and published by the University of Chicago Press, CI has published special issues on race, gender and sexuality, politics and interpretation, narrative, psychoanalysis, “Things,” canons, intimacy, identity, the language of images, saints and sainthood, to name a few. (For a link to the books that came out of these issues, go to http://criticalinquiry.uchicago.edu/). Critical Inquiry is especially known for its hosting of the critical debates that have defined intellectual discussion in our time, including Jacques Derrida on Paul de Man and apartheid, Edward Said on Israel and Palestine, and everything from literary Darwinism to the place of theory in the humanities.

6 responses to “About Critical Inquiry

  1. Do you have a print version of this journal or is it just online?

  2. wefadetogray

    Where do you list the call for papers and special issues? Are the special issues by invitation only? Can a scholar send an article based on any of the disciplines embraced by CI at any point during the year?
    Thanks for your help!

  3. Amanda Kearney

    Hello I was wondering if I can sign up for notifications of forthcoming papers. I’d love to know in advance what is being published in Critical Inquiry. Thankyou.

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